Short Note…

If you haven’t noticed I am currently snowed under with work at the moment and have been unable to write up/complete some articles for this journal. I am busy untill the end of this month with work but am really comping at the bit to get back to writing articles. On the back burner is an analysis and breakdown of a classic car chase – from the film Seven-Ups – and some more Future Worlds articles. An article or two about postmodernism is on the cards – due to my time currently being filled with Fredric Jameson and co – and hopefully i’ll finally get my lazy head back to the psychoanalysis articles i’ve written notes for. I will also get back to the questions, emails and querys i have had in the near future – i promise! – however it is back to work for me (yes sir it is a late one).

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A.R. Duckworth

South Yorkshire England

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