We’re Back!

From me and the rest of the skeleton crew of The Motley View I would like to say sorry that this website has been so inactive for several months. However, a mixture of academic burn-out, administrative problems and errors has meant that this web journal had to put on ice. However as the title notes we are back. The journal will be working on the basis of a weekly update with the aim to put out two or three articles on thursday every week (starting this thursday with an article on the role of women in film noir).

One of these articles will be film reviews with an analytical slant. These film reviews will be either premieres on television or in the cinema (with upcoming articles on Inception and A-Team). These reviews will be produced by a new part-time member FRED (or Film Review and Evaluation Droid) who will publish a weekly review article in a distinctive but functional style.

I will also continue my analysis of film but will be moving towards a more philosophical angle on film and art so that this journal corresponds to my interests and academic pathway.

Published by

A.R. Duckworth

South Yorkshire England

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