We’re Back!

From me and the rest of the skeleton crew of The Motley View I would like to say sorry that this website has been so inactive for several months. However, a mixture of academic burn-out, administrative problems and errors has meant that this web journal had to put on ice. However as the title notes we are back. The journal will be working on the basis of a weekly update with the aim to put out two or three articles on thursday every week (starting this thursday with an article on the role of women in film noir).

One of these articles will be film reviews with an analytical slant. These film reviews will be either premieres on television or in the cinema (with upcoming articles on Inception and A-Team). These reviews will be produced by a new part-time member FRED (or Film Review and Evaluation Droid) who will publish a weekly review article in a distinctive but functional style.

I will also continue my analysis of film but will be moving towards a more philosophical angle on film and art so that this journal corresponds to my interests and academic pathway.

Journal Restructuring II

As Andrew alluded to in his previous post concerning this Journal’s restructuring, certain areas will be focused upon to enable greater depths of evaluation and investigation. Throughout the year both Andrew and I (Vedette) will continue to collaborate (restart) our exploration of the discourse of Hollywood. The first exploration of Hollywood is here: Discourse Ideology Myth: Hollywood’s Geographical Location. We will also start a new study into the function of the detective in TV and Film. These articles will be called ‘Screening the Detective: The Detective Function’. We will explore the representation, role and social function of the detective figure. This survey will encompass amateurs (such as Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote), private detectives (Sam Spade) and Policemen (Inspector Morse). This study will run through the next year.


Journal Restructuring

In the coming next year this journal will continue to survey all manner of topics, genres and issues. However, a slight restructure of this journal will be made so that it will concentrate more fully on certain specific areas of interest. These cycles of interest will be for a set period of time and will alternate. Over the next year the main genre of interest will be Film Noir – specifically the representation of women. Another issue which will be at the heart of this journal, up until the New Year, is Post-colonialism and Race.

Alongside these focuses the journal will continue to produce a wide array of articles, such as the exploration of basic film techniques and their application in film. Last year’s (unofficial) focus Science Fiction will also be continued. The journal will also be restructured so that articles will be published weekly on Tuesdays (This allows the journal to have a proper structure and deadline for article completion).

I am confident that the changes will be positive and allow for the fermentation and publication of excellent articles which explore every aspect of film and culture.

Box Office Results


Although a little off the normal beaten track of this journal I thought that this was funny. The article starts:

Neither the magic of Harry Potter nor the combined star power of Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler was enough to keep a crew of wise-cracking guinea pigs from scurrying to the top of the box office this weekend.

and here is the rest of the peice. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2009/07/26/g-force-box-office/. It seems that, to kids, there’s nothing better than guinea pigs who save the world.