Are you interested in writing about film, art or aesthetics? If so, then why not contribute to The Motley View.

The Motley View publishes many types of articles about any subject linked to film, art or aesthetics. The topic of your piece could be Hollywood, independent film, a specific artist or director or even whole movement. If you are unsure whether the article/paper you have written or intend to write would be suitable for The Motley View please feel free to contact us for a chat.

So, if you are interested in seeing your work online being read by many enthusiastic film and art lovers then send us an email to vedettebianciotti[at] with the topic “submission“ (or “query” if you have any questions!).

Author Guidelines

In regard to submissions we have several requests on style and length.

  1. We do not impose a particular word limit (unless specified in a call for papers) however, we we do have a general system of classification (which is that 2,000-6,000 words constitute a paper. 6,000-12,000 words constitute a research paper. 12,000-75,000 words constitutes a thesis and 75,000+ words a monograph). It is up to you the length of work you produce for us but we would recommend starting somewhere around 3,000-6,000 words (but we do love longer work!).

  2. We do not wish to arbitrarily set a fixed style of referencing but we would prefer submissions to be written in the Chicago style (found here), double spaced and in an easily eligible font (like Times Roman etc etc) with footnotes rather than endnotes.

  3. The submissions should be sent to us by email in doc. (or docx.) format along with a short synopsis or introduction and three to five tags (words that epitomise the paper’s subject like film noir, genre studies, Kant or Aesthetics).

  4. In regard to the peer review process we will attempt to get back to you immediately concerning the suitability of your submission and that it is undergoing peer review. In a further three to five weeks we will try to contact you again in regard to your submissions journey through the peer review system.

  5. Don’t Panic! Don’t be put off writing/publishing with us as we would absolutely love to publish your writing on our website and we are really very friendly, honest. We are particularly interested in young/graduate/early career academics work as we would love to get your publishing career started (publish or die is a good mantra). We are also similarly interested in those outside the traditional academic routes (artists, dreamers, film-makers, hobos etc)

  6. The copyright of any articles published with us remain that of the author however, we ask that we be citied in any reuse or reprint of any submissions.

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